Our Love is Like Kabul Jan - Nasrin and Ehsaan

Nasrin smiled as Ehsaan took his hands off her eyes, and the city of Kabul appeared before her, sprawled in a beautiful sea of colors. Ehsaan had brought her here to celebrate their marriage anniversary of 30 years.

He still knew how to make her heart happy, even after all these years.

Ehsaan laughed at her expression gleefully, pleased at his success.

He sat down on the patch of grass they were standing on, and patted the ground beside him for Nasrin to join him. She folded her chaadri over her head and placed herself beside him, sighing contently at the cool wind that was tickling her face.

Ehsaan pointed to a turquoise building in the distance.

"Do you remember jaanem" he asked, "when I would be flying my kite on that roof, and you would come to the roof of your house to watch me?"

Nasrin laughed. "Yes, I remember," she said, still chuckling. "I would tell maadar Jan that I was hanging the laundry, and she would scold me for taking so long, every time."

Ehsaan nudged her gently "little did she know her daughter was out flirting with the neighbors son", he teased.

Nasrin laughed again, and put her head on Ehsaans shoulder.

They were quiet for a few moments, both lost in thought.

"So many years of war, but our city never lost its beauty", she said quietly, looking at the colorful view in front of her.

Ehsaan sighed. "Then our love is like Kabul Jaan, he whispered. "So many years of marriage but we never lost our spark."

Nasrin smiled.

"And we never will, jaanem. We never will."


Story and illustration by @rasmorawaj ©

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