Mud City

Isn't it beautiful?
The way life can continue to thrive after being destroyed again and again?
The way hope can find itself seeping into the cracks of despair, only to eliminate it completely?
How even after decades of destruction and grief, our people still find ways to rebuild their lives and their courage on the very mountains their ancestors stood in defiance.
How within each street corner, each home, the signs of life can be seen, scattered around at a glance but if you step back to take it all in.... It's like a village in the mountains.
And it is clear...
Their very existence is their defiance.
They will carry on building their homes on the mountains because no matter how many times it becomes victim to destruction, that land is home.
That land is ours.
The blood of our ancestors run through its rivers, and their souls smile at us through the leaves of the pomegranate tree.
And knowing that, in itself, is victory enough for us.

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