Shahbaz and Laila

As Shahbaz gently offered her the flower, their hands brushed slightly and Laila blushed. She hadn’t seen him in months, and now that he was back from fighting in the war, it felt strange to be near him again. She felt like it was a dream. She never wanted to wake up from it.

“Our base was surrounded with flowers like these one”, Shahbaz recalled. “And amongst those flowers, I used to see your face. You were with me every morning, when I set off, not knowing if I would survive to see the next day. And you were there to greet me when I came back, blessed with another day to live. I desperately waited for the day that would bring me back to you."

He sighed.

“The war is done, the enemy is defeated, and I am once more reunited with you.”

She smiled, still gazing at the flower that he had placed in her hand.


She blushed more, unable to make her eyes meet his.

“You are my flower.”

روزی که شهباز تازه از میدان جنگ برگشته بود, گل سرخی بود که شهباز به دست لیلی داد و گفت :

«جبهه یی جنگ در پشت تپه‌ی قرار داشت که با گلهای خود روی ارغوانی و زرد پوشیده شده بود .در میان آنها این یگانه گل سرخی بود که روییده بود. رنگ و ظرافت ‌زیبایی این گل مرا به یاد تو انداخت. پیش خود عهد کردم که اگر در جنگ انشب زنده ماندم این گل را برای تو هدیه میاورم.

جنگ تمام شد دشمن شکست خورد ‌ و من به تو رسیدم.»


Story and illustration by @rasmorawaj ©

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This is magically, so utterly beautiful.

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